Cross Stitch Professional Platinum

Cross Stitch Professional Platinum 2.1

Convert an image into a cross stitch pattern (See all)
Transform your images into cross stitch charts or create your own design charts on a blank sheet. View a simulation of the stitched result with entire color key and thread organizer cards. The tool comes with layered objects, performs despeckling, smoothing, shape drawing, and accurate measurements of a manufacturer's color range to ensure matching between screen colors and the finished stitched result.

Cross Stitch Professional for Windows can be used for converting photographs and clipart into cross stitch charts. It can also be used to design charts starting with a blank sheet. Charts can be produced complete with colour key, simulation of stitched result and thread organiser cards.
As well as the 3 versions for hand stitching, there are also 2 designed for digitising for machine. The digitising process is completely automatic once the cross stitch design is entered by drawing or scanning.
The program features advanced tools such as layered objects, despeckling, smoothing, shape drawing etc.
Image importing features sophisticated colour reduction and matching and is not a simple majority colour reduction. Manufacturers colour ranges have been measured accuratley using a spectrophotometer to ensure matching between screen colours and the finished stitched result.
The Plus and Publisher versions include export capability including huge image export and pdf creation without the need for additional pdf creation software.

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